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16 key clients at MMT’s SROV & UXO seminar


MMT welcomed 16 key clients as participants to an internal seminar carried out in November. The seminar contents were focused on our new generation SROV and MMT´s highly recognized UXO surveys. Our survey specialists and an invited expert presented and discussed the latest developments in pipe and cable inspection, detailed route surveys and the locating, investigation and inspection of UXO.

After a period of intense research and development work, MMT launched the new high speed survey ROV—Surveyor Interceptor (SROV) at the beginning of this year. Time and costs are two essential factors that influence all major business decisions and the SROV will improve both. We therefore wanted to share the new results with our clients. MMT’s founder and CTO, Ola Oskarsson, presented in detail the abilities of the SROV, with project examples and stunning results and MMT’s future innovative developments!

The second part of the seminar highlighted our new approach to UXO detection and clearance due to the increased expansion of offshore installations in the North Sea as well as the Baltic Sea. Ola Svensson, Senior project Manager at MMT, presented our methods and led the discussion that followed. To finish off this exciting day, Lieutenant Commander Gunnar Möller from Sweden and Head of the Mine Warfare Data Center, presented the sensitive topic of mine identification which had the title of: “The more we know, the worse it gets”. A fantastic presentation which also highlighted the daunting situation with the high number of mines and bombs left behind on the seabed from the time of war.

We finished off this seminar with dinner at a fish restaurant in downtown Gothenburg.

Ellen Svestad, MMT’s CCO and moderator of the seminar, commented on the event: “We would like to thank all participants for showing interest and sharing their thoughts and experience to what we all strive for – accurate data, safe and cost-efficient offshore operations.”