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Results from ROV Surveyor Interceptor


MMT and Reach Subsea have recently finalised successful offshore tests on the new Surveyor Interceptor ROV from the vessel Edda Fonn and the results were above all expectations.

Ola Oskarsson, founder and project manager for Surveyor Interceptor ROV (SROV), explains in his report that the results from sea trials with the new SROV have been performed to collect background data for a specialised handling system, to test speed, maneuverability, stability, cable drag as well as data quality and density.

The result of the tests demonstrates that we have been able to reach the design speed of 8 knots. The vehicle produces high density data at 6 knots as well as 4 knots when operating close to pipe. The SROV, as a survey platform, is very stable and multibeam data has less than 0.4% noise.

“It is a very competent machine operating faster than WROV’s and AUV’s with unsurpassed accuracy and data quality. The vehicle is robust and can operate for long periods underwater thus being a tool to make pipeline surveys and inspections more effective” says Ola Oskarsson.

The Surveyor Interceptor is ready to set the record straight from March 2015.

Multibeam data from SROV Interceptor

Laser point cloud over multibeam data from SROV Interceptor

3D photogrammetry

Multibeam data from SROV Interceptor

Multibeam data from SROV Interceptor

Multibeam data from SROV

Laser point cloud from SROV Interceptor

Still image over pipe from SROV Interceptor at 4kn

Surveyor Interceptor ROV (photographer Jonas Dahm)