MMT has been appointed by Siem Offshore Contractors GmbH to conduct a pre lay survey and ROV inspection of the IAG at the Baltic 2 Offshore Wind Park.

This project is now ongoing and MMT uses the survey & ROV vessel IceBeam, equipped with a Kongsberg EM2040 Dual Head Multibeam and a Sub-Atlantic Mohican ROV, to identify boulders that interfere with the proposed inter array grid cable routes. The survey includes a high resolution multibeam survey, app 50 meters wide of the cable route.  A target list will be established from the high resolution multibeam data and the targets will subsequently be visually inspected by the ROV. 

MMT is once again pleased and excited for the continued confidence from Siem. We are also happy to be part of the pre installation phase, as we performed a full geophysical survey for this particular offshore wind park a couple of years ago.