During a surveillance mission the 13th of June 1952, somewhere over, the Baltic a Swedish DC-3 disappeared.

It was not until 1991 when it was confirmed that it was shoot down by a Russian fighter plane. The disappearance was very sensitive during the cold war and caused a diplomatic crisis between Sweden and former Soviet Union. Three days later, another aeroplane, a Swedish Catalina rescue plane was shot down. This enhanced the crisis.
The relatives has since the disappearance lived without any knowledge of the fate of their loved ones onboard the plane.

Together with Deep Sea Production, under the direction of the Project Manager Anders Jallai and Carl Douglas, MMT AB has now successfully detected the sunken body of the DC-3.

All three parties involved in the search has contributed with their specific skills and jointly performed the successful search campaign. Based on the thorough background studies of Anders Jallai and Carl Douglas together with the survey experience of MMT AB, a detailed methodology for the search was established. This search led to success where many others have failed.
Totally 711 square km was searched during 46 days between 2000 and 2003.

The key to the success has been thoroughness and patience. MMT AB performed the survey by using reliable sonar equipment and followed a strict survey pattern. Nothing was left by chance, all data was evaluated carefully and any uncertainties verified.