MMT perform hydrographic surveys in both large and small scales, providing seabed-mapping services around the world. From rivers in Norway, and the Lake Victoria in Africa, to MMT´s own domestic waters: the Baltic and the North Sea.

We are fully certified and compliant with the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) S-44 survey standards and proud to be serving returning clients, such as the Maritime & Coastguard Agency in the UK and the Swedish Maritime Administration in Sweden, year after year.

We are able to provide extremely dense bathymetry data, collected with the use of multibeam echo sounders. We operate in all types of water, including rivers, coasts and offshore.

All our findings and data are provided as raw and processed data. We allocate a dedicated team to handle the surveys, from data collection to final delivery, which ensures thorough and efficient data management for your projects.

It is thought that only 3% of the world’s oceans have been surveyed and are documented. Imagine if this was the same for onshore? We at MMT aim for safe vessel navigation in all the world’s oceans and look forward to surveying the unknown depths in order to achieve this.