MMT are well established within the Oil & Gas industry, both in the Norwegian sector and globally, and support global industry leaders with a full range of marine surveys.

Using our expanding fleet and trusted chartered resources, our expert teams deliver throughout all stages of a project, conducting the seabed mapping services required to provide valuable input on design, construction and maintenance. We offer integrated geophysical and geotechnical packages, as well as ROV and AUV services for site surveys, route surveys and pipeline inspections. We can also integrate coastal pipeline surveys into our offering. Our detailed survey findings are processed, interpreted and presented in GIS integrated interactive software and also as traditional reports and charts.

Our experienced personnel analyse, evaluate and visualise the data to provide you with all the information you will need for planning installations in a safe and cost efficient manner. Skilled in various GIS software, our teams can deliver and manage a full database throughout the lifespan of a typical marine installation.

We have agreements with some of the industry’s leaders, including Statoil and Shell, all of which take advantage of a stable, high quality and efficient service, using our experienced survey specialists, vessels and crew throughout the entire lifespan of the project. This on-going relationship offers improved time and cost efficiency, with huge savings to our clients.

As part of our continuous commitment to our clients and the environment, our service provides essential information on environmental aspects and considerations, assisting our clients to find the best solutions during their projects.