Site Surveys

Our site surveys explore and analyse the geophysical, geotechnical and environmental aspects needed to provide valuable information for wind farm planning processes. We offer these as a package or as a stand-alone service.

The geophysical site surveys provide bathymetry, seabed features and sub-bottom conditions, using multibeam echo sounders, side-scan sonar, magnetometer and sub-bottom profilers.

Our geotechnical investigations are carried out using specialist equipment, such as vibrocorers/pistoncorers, day grab and CPTs. Thereafter an analysis of the soil is carried out at our carefully selected laboratories, so we produce the best and most accurate results.

Our environmental surveys map marine habitats using remote sensing methods (multibeam and side scan sonars) and ground truthing equipment (drop-cameras, ROVs and seabed sampling tools). The results, together with habitat classifications and statistical analysis, are then presented in reports, charts and GIS. These reports commonly form an essential part of our clients’ EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) documentation.

As part of the risk assessment for all submarine installations, we provide detection, verification, excavation and clearance services for UXO’s. With our extensive experience and by using multibeam bathymetry, side-scan sonars, magnetic methods (such as magnetometer, gradiometer and TVG) and ROV inspections, we are at the forefront of this service.

We specialise in swift and optimal operations and many of our clients benefit from our ability to conduct geophysical and geotechnical surveys from the same vessel.

All results are correlated and integrated to ensure the best and most accurate results are presented.