MMT manage all our clients’ projects with the latest state-of-the-art technology, which is handled and operated by our highly qualified personnel. Our survey methods, such as hullmounted multibeam and our ROV, ROTV and AUV mounted multibeam, make us unique in the market.

Together with Reach Subsea and Kystdesign we have launched the  new ROV Surveyor Interceptor (SROV) for the oil and gas industy.


After a period with intense research and development work, MMT has now launched the new High speed survey ROV -  Surveyor Interceptor (SROV). Surveyor Interceptor has been qualified and used on a pipeline inspection project for Gassco AS, the Knarr Pipeline in the North Sea.

Why should you use Surveyor Interceptor?           

Time and costs are two essential factors that influence all major business decisions. The Surveyor Interceptor will improve both! Due to its high speed capacity, the time span needed to carry out the survey will dramatically be reduced. With its high resolution camera and sensor capacity and the much improved lighting system it will secure sharp data images for important decision making on pipeline or cable projects.


With its pure sensor carrier it increases the speed and makes the survey stable and accurate. It has two inspection modes and optional manipulator skid that makes it flexible. SROV has an easy integration with its free swimming mode or alternatively with TMS.

The positioning, data quality and efficiency outperforms what can be achieved by other subsurface vehicles including AUV’s, ROV’s and ROTV’s. It´s high speed do not affect the data acquisition and it has real time QC and fiber optical interfaces.

With its two inspection modes it combines ”High Fly” high speed acoustic pipeline survey with full three camera ”Low Fly” inspection in known problem areas and with free view for all acoustic sensors with low pump and thruster, makes it stable and do not affect the environment noise-wise.

Surveyor Interceptor has high resolution camera and sensor capacity by improved lighting (video quality), no batteries and “unlimited” power and is prepared for future sensors and brings you sharp images.

For safe launch and recovery operations it has a standard ROV LARS with wide operational window, easily interfaced with existing survey vessels / spreads and is free swimming or with TMS.


We assess and plan the needs for each individual assignment and source the equipment and technology accordingly.

Our equipment resources include: