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We believe in the power of collaborations.

Whether it is a client or a partner, we form strong relationships and close collaborations. Together with Reach Subsea, our partner since 2014, we find new ways and possibilities for our clients. The collaboration started with a joint ownership, along with the design and development of the Surveyor Interceptor (SROV). The partnership has developed and today we have a vessel pool agreement in place, where MMT and Reach Subsea share the costs for the assets of a number of larger offshore vessels.

MMT are the experts in survey and inspection—and Reach Subsea are the experts in ROVs and IMR. Combined, we provide a full range of services.

Three major benefits for you as a client

This is what you get when you choose MMT and Reach to plan and execute your project:

Best of two worlds

Committed teams working together to fulfill our clients’ needs. You will get the best of two worlds—the best people and the best fleet.

Combined innovations

We offer a whole range of innovative tools, including the Surveyor Interceptor (SROV). Everything to make the sea transparent

Wider working area

Together we have the possibility to spread our fleet and operate globally. It means that we can serve you in a fast manner wherever you are.

Other Cooperations

Joint efforts with CSA Ocean Sciences

CSA Ocean Sciences (CSA) is an international provider of marine environmental services. Together we offer integrated high quality solutions in the Americas area – from offshore wind farms in northeast through the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico and into Central America. This is just the beginning of a new exciting adventure and joint journey for a more sustainable future. Read more about CSA at