MMT was founded in 1976 by marine biologist Ola Oskarsson, pursuing his dream using a small skiff to investigate the sea. The focus soon turned to bathymetry, geophysics and survey software integration.


Back then MMT was better known as ‘Dykfoto’ and was the creation of marine biologist Ola Oskarsson. A couple of years later, he developed the first PX-based positioning software and a navigation software program called Aron.


Dykfoto expanded to MMT AB (limited company) and moved to new location in Nya Varvet, at the port entrance of Gothenburg, Sweden.


The first shallow water multibeam system EM3000 was purchased.


MMT and Deep Sea Production find the DC3 aircraft lost during the Cold War.


The first offshore DP1 research vessel, Franklin, was purchased and is still part of our expanding fleet today.


MMT started seabed investigations for the Nord Stream Project in the Baltic Sea. The company grew from 50 to 220 persons when the project finished in 2011.


Ola Oskarsson became the Entrepreneur of the Year, organised by Ernst & Young, who then went on to generously share his award with his staff. This year MMT also saw the merger with the British company NetSurvey Ltd, following a successful 6 years of cooperation.


MMT appointed a new CEO, Stefan Eliasson. After 11 successful years at the Swedish shipping company, TransAtlantic, and after years of business relations with Ola Oskarsson, Stefan Eliasson became the new leader of MMT. Today, Ola is responsible of MMT´s market strategies and key clients, and remains part of the board and senior management.


Together with Norwegian partners Kystdesign and Reach Subsea, MMT launch a new Survey ROV called Surveyor Interceptor. This ROV is specially designed for pipeline inspections and on it´s first mission it reached a speed of 4,5 knots with highest quality data and detailed still images.