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Side Scan Sonar Survey for Nord Stream


MMT has been awarded a contract for side scan sonar survey and a camera based study of benthic fauna by Nord Stream AG.

The scope of Nord Stream´s monitoring campaign is to assess the impact of the presence of the pipelines on the near seabed currents through the observation of potential localised scour and sedimentation.  To determine seabed sediment features, such as objects, linear features, obstructions and sediment characteristics MMT will use a ROTV mounted side scan sonar system. The survey will be performed this summer in Finish waters followed by a camera based study of benthic fauna on hard bottom south of Sandkallan Natura area.  The benthic survey will be performed along a 5km long transect starting from the pipeline heading northwards in the direction of the Natura area.

MMT will use the survey and ROV vessel IceBeam for this assignment and are very happy to work with Nord Stream again. MMT’s founder Ola Oskarsson comments on the contract award: “We are very proud to be chosen to perform this work, in the environmentally sensitive Baltic, for Nord Stream. It is a proof of our long standing commitment to the status of the oceans and below. We get the job done!”