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MMT Training

For us, growth and education are everything. We can never be too safe or too good at what we do.

To secure and raise the grade of our knowledge we have developed a training program for our experienced seniors and talented juniors. Even if our established teams are true experts on their specific areas, there is always something new to learn. When it comes to the graduates it is important with an organised start. They all get a senior mentor that keep them busy and on the right track.

Our program of courses, exams and gradings springs from the guidelines in The International Marine Contractors Association IMCA.

In 2018 our employees did
1933 hours
of training

The training program is built on four steps. It ensures that our employees work on the right level and are able to take their next career step. Our seniors are always there to help, support and push our juniors in the right direction—to the next level. For us it is a reward and great moment every time we see our employees get qualified for the next step.


Grade 2

Grade 1


Courses and seminars

Some areas and examples are:

· Health

· Safety

· Environment

· Quality

· Corporate responsibility

· Geophysics

· Geotechnics

· 3D photogrammetry